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Pleurisy in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Pleurisy dogs are the so-called diseases in which the pleura becomes inflamed. Pleurov is called the serous membrane, which lining the entire inner surface of the chest cavity.

The causes of these inflammations in most casesIs a cold. There are also mechanical damages, for example, when a dog falls. Pleurisy can occur acutely or chronically. By the nature of the exudate, the disease can be wet or dry, and by spreading - diffuse or limited.

Most often pleurisy is secondaryDisease accompanied by inflammation of the lungs and bronchi, necrosis of the ribs, caries, can develop with injuries of the pleura and thorax. Pleurisy can also be a consequence of inflammation of organs such as the liver, kidneys, vagina, uterus, as well as the result of leptospirosis, plague carnivore and other infections.

Symptoms of pleurisy in dogs

  • First of all, pleurisy in dogs reduces appetite, there is general oppression.
  • The body temperature periodically rises to 40-41 degrees.
  • The nose of the animal is hot and dry.
  • The pulse increases and becomes weak.
  • At the beginning of pleurisy, the respiration of the animal is rapid,Surface, the edges do not move. After, with the development of the disease, exudate begins to accumulate in the lungs and the breathing becomes deeper and less frequent.
  • The dog appears coughing often, weak, but painful.
  • When probing the intercostal space, the dog begins to worry greatly.

Symptoms and treatment of pleurisy in dogs

Sometimes an animal takes unnatural poses -Long stands or sits, lies on his back to the top with his paws and others. For proper treatment it is necessary to examine the animal from a veterinarian, to pass an analysis of urine and blood. This should also be done as soon as possible in order to exclude a symptom-like disease - croupous pneumonia.

Treatment of pleurisy in dogs

Treatment of this disease should be prescribed onlyvet. It must be complex. First, you need to eliminate the cause, for example, colds or a primary disease. Medication for pleurisy includes antimicrobials:

  1. Sulfonamides,
  2. Antibiotics,
  3. And nitrofurans.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the functioning of the kidneys, intestines, heart, liver and other organs. Symptomatic treatment of pleurisy also uses diuretics, spasmalytics, saline solutions for the removal of signs of other inflammations. From vitamin preparations it is better to give vitamins of group B and ascorbic acid.

Important in the treatment of this diseaseAppropriate diet and care. At the time of treatment, the animal is kept without walking in warm rooms, which are regularly ventilated and cleaned. Feeding the dog is done in small portions, but often. It is better not to give fatty and meaty food. It is enough to boil the liquid oatmeal on milk, to give kefir with bran.

In order to prevent pleurisy, the dog must be protected from colds, as well as timely and correctly treated with bronchopneumonia and bronchitis.

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