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Rottweiler: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price


Dream of a brave defender who never betrays and intercedes in an emergency situation? For this role is ideal Rottweiler. He is like Sylvester Stallone of the dog world. A stately, strong, muscular dog can serve in the army and police, guard private territories and carry heavy loads. But this brave man is not always serious and focused. He is touching and sweet. There are cases when representatives of the breed took care of other kinds of animals. Alas, in the last decades these dogs are not admired - they are afraid! The criminal chronicle now and then scares the eerie headlines: a four-legged friend attacked the master. Why, despite the impressive track record of the rottweiler earned a bad name?

Rottweiler: characteristics

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History of Rottweiler

Written certificates of the ancestors of the breed are notPreserved. Historians suggest that the Rottweiler-like dogs were known even in ancient Egypt. In addition to external similarities, both species have a similar iron character. In those barbaric times, it was more expensive than gold!

On the bas-reliefs of the tomb of Tutankhamun it is possible inDetails to consider the impressive battle scenes. The heroes of these plots are energetic, warlike and invincible dogs, which, along with their masters, mercilessly oppose the enemy infantry.


The ancestors of the Rottweiler not once rescued the countryPharaohs from invasions. But in peacetime, Egyptian dogs led a quiet lifestyle. They often participated in religious rituals. It's no wonder that their huge statues can be found in the palaces of local rulers.

Dog against the lion

However, the homeland of the Egyptian favorites was not in the Nile floodplain.

Four-legged warriors began to breed in Babylon in6th century BC. Here they were called Molossian dogs named after the ruling tribe. In the battles they did not participate, but they helped the people of Mesopotamia to hunt lions. They also perfectly guarded the dwellings of their owners.

A powerful skeleton, strong muscles, unshakable fearlessness and excellent fighting qualities - every hunter wanted such a talented assistant!

Soon the elite breed appeared in neighboringCountries. The Persians proclaimed the Babylonian dogs a symbol of power and wealth. The Assyrians believed that even clay figurines of such pets could save houses from evil spirits. And the great Zarathustra drew attention to the incredible ability of these animals to learn. Can therefore the bellicose Romans took the Molossian dogs to conquer the light?

So tempered temper
But not only the hunting and the war were the ancestorsRottweilers. Dog-shaped dogs also took part in gladiatorial battles between animals. They were set on bulls, lions and even elephants. It was in such arenas that extreme aggressiveness and unruly disposition were brought up in Molossian dogs.

On the roads of conquerors

Roman legionnaires entrusted the ancestors of the RottweilerRather delicate work. To conquer the whole world, it was necessary to feed the great army. Not a very simple task! There were no refrigerators at that time, therefore the wars of Claudius Augustus led the "live" meat.

For thousands of regiments to the battlefields, huge herds of goats and cows were splashing. They were accompanied by Molossian dogs. They guarded the animals during the parking and were driven to a new location.

Of course, the number of livestock was gradually decreasing. When the battles were won, and the last calf was on a spit, no one needed the services of dog cattle. Legionnaires released them to freedom or left local residents as a gift.

As a result, Molossian dogs quickly settledEurope. They even got to England thanks to the Phoenicians. Sailed later to the Foggy Albion, the Roman troops had to fight not only with the Anglo-Saxons. Ironically, the Romans were attacked by dogs, settled by them in Europe.

Friends of butchers and Rottweil


For the appearance of the breed and its name, we also needThank the Roman legionaries. One of their campaigns began with the conquest of the Alps. Crossing the mountain range, they found themselves in South Germany. The area was quickly conquered and named Flavia Land.

Strategic location, fertile soils and mild climate - you can not resist this! The Romans settled here and started livestock breeding. Of course, it was not without the help of Molossian dogs.

Idyll lasted for two centuries. Then the wild tribes drove back the conquerors and erected their own settlements in the place of their camps. One of these cities was Rottweil, built in the 6th century. It was named after the phrase "Rote Weil", which translates as "red tile". A mosaic of this bright material was found on the roofs of Roman baths buried underground.

Flavia still flourished in the land of Flavia. Roman dogs became faith and truth to serve the new masters. They were masters at all paws!

The faithful cattle dogs still remembered how to grazeSheep and cows, managed to cheer with the protection of property, rescued people from robbers on the way to the fair. Needless to say that the butchers of the soul did not see in their four-legged friends?

Barking Legionnaires
By the way, not all the descendants of the Rottweiler grazed cattleRomans. Particularly ferocious and powerful individuals underwent special training. And then, during attacks, I flock out of such dangerous dogs, chained in armor, and let them go ahead to the enemy. Combat Roman dogs never retreated and fought to the last drop of blood.

The Dangerous Treasurer

Gradually Rottweil turned into the largestShopping center of the country. By the 19th century, butcher dogs were no less than residents. The breed took an important place in the economy of the city, in fact performing all the hard work. Accompaniment of valuable cargo, transportation of weights up to 1 ton, transfer of livestock to the place of slaughter - all this was done by Rottweilers.

It's funny that butchers even trusted their petsProtection of personal property. Before the visit to the tavern, the owners were hanging a purse with daily proceeds on the neck of a four-footed friend. Even then, the Rottweilers had a frightening reputation, so no one dared approach the dangerous treasurer.

Who is on the coat of arms of Rottenburg?
Representatives of butcher's breed graduallySettled throughout the country. They also became very popular in the small town of Rottenburg. Even an old coat of arms has been preserved, which depicts the figures of a bull and a dog escorting him.

Degeneration and rebirth

It seemed that the butcher's dog would not change for a long timeProfession. But in the middle of the 19th century the breed almost disappeared. With technical progress in Rottweil, the railway stretches. The city authorities have forbidden to transport meat on the usual routes. For goods transport, only trains were used now.

A faithful Rottweiler lost his job - and a livestockDogs began to decline rapidly. The cynologist and painter Ludwig Beckmann even wrote in one of the books: "The days of the butcher's dog are numbered. So I do not see the need to describe the breed "

Attention to the butcher's dog attracted an unusualhappening. This happened in Hamburg. On the streets, drunken sailors raged: they molested the local residents, beat the windows in the houses and made a big fight. The sergeant of the city was a fan of an endangered breed. He took a favorite Rottweiler and in the course of ten minutes he dispersed the entire gang.

Then the dog from Rottweil was taken to the service inThe German police. True, the revival was not easy. Throughout the country, only a few dozen individuals were found. But the breeders worked skillfully! And already in 1910 the breed was recognized as the best in the local police. So the Rottweiler became a service dog.

In the vastness of Siberia
Rottweilers got to Russia in 1914. It turned out that they easily tolerate cold weather. Therefore, many individuals were taken to remote regions, such as Siberia and the Far North. Here they fought predators and guarded domesticated elk.

Honorable Professions


Soon the dogs from Rottweil were bought by the AustriansAnd the Swiss. And then the butcher dog was enthusiastically received by the US and British police. She has no equal when delaying intruders and protecting secret objects. Even the most inveterate criminals retreat and surrender at the sight of an enraged Rottweiler.

Useful breeding skills and during the Second World War. For example, in Prague, hardy and powerful dogs easily pulled teams with coal from the station to the houses.

Modern Rottweilers can often be seen inRescue units. They quickly find people under the rubble of buildings after earthquakes. Fearless and tolerant to the pain of dogs deftly make their way through the rubble to the victims. The endurance of these dogs has saved hundreds of lives.

Jog in the mornings!

Rottweilers have served a man faithfully for centuries. That's why the breed has a special charm. Imagine a muscular and handsome dog. He weighs 50 kilograms with an increase of about 68 centimeters - a real huge!

He has a big head with charming round brown eyebrows. Due to this size of the skull, the rottweiler has powerful jaws. Their pressure at a bite can reach 22 atmospheres.

All the representatives of the breed have a standard color: dark lips, black short fur coat with brown patches on the mouth, paws and shoulders. It mildly sheds, so you will not need combing.

The thoroughbred rottweiler has a deep and wide chest cage, as well as a straight long back. He has a proud posture and strong legs. So you can easily take it with you on your daily runs!

In general, this is a very sporting dog that needs frequent physical exertion. It will easily adapt to life in the city, but you will have to play with it.

Iron character


August 23, 2007 in the homeland of the RottweilersThere was a monument to this wonderful service dog. In the bronze sculpture, which became the symbol of Rottweil, tried to perpetuate valor, intellect and devotion to the beloved breed.

Everyone who has had a chance to communicate with Rottweilers,I was able to convince myself of their amazing qualities. They are confident, reliable and brave dogs. They radiate calm and never make rash steps.

But good manners do not appear on their own. Rottweilers need training, like any service dog. Otherwise, there will be no obedience. And the dominant pet is dangerous, like a loaded gun. So the puppy needs to lead to the cynologist first thing. The dog is very easy to learn new skills through an acute mind.

Educated Rottweilers behave modestly andPeacefully. In an apartment they do not show much activity, but they like to frolic in nature. Play with them and praise them more often! They love attention and respond with kindness. With children, Rottweilers get along fine. And even friends with other animals if they met with them in puppyhood. But they do not like strangers: they immediately become suspicious and focused. So be careful on your walks.

In general, all members of the breed prefer a calm and measured life. In families where they shout a lot, quarrel and swear, Rottweilers become anxious and aggressive.

The test for aggressiveness

In some cities a butcher dog is prohibited. Insurance companies often refuse to the owners of Rottweilers in the design of the policy. Only in the US over the past 20 years, about 16% of canine bite deaths have been attributed to the fault of unreached people from Rottweil.

That's why breeders when working with service breed pay special attention to the nature of pets. Only the peaceful and obedient dogs admit offspring.

Mental balance is determined byTest. A four-footed subject is placed in the thick of a busy crowd. People behave innocently: walk around, approaching the owner, surround him with a dog tight ring. If at this time the dog shows aggressiveness, the test is considered failed.

Calm individuals will get the next test. Here they must demonstrate the ability to defend themselves. An animal depicting an intruder works with animals. He wears a protective sleeve, for which the dog grasps his teeth. At this time, a stranger imitates blows on the body of the dog with his free hand with the help of a stack.

The most important in the second test is the absolute obedience. On the first command of the owner, a well-bred and balanced Rottweiler must release the sleeve and take a waiting attitude.

A pet who has passed these two tests is unlikely to get into a scandalous criminal chronicle.

Amazing Motherhood
Young Molly became famous when she took underHis care of two newborn lambs. They were born with a slow circulation of blood - and a good-natured dog massaged them with his tongue all night, so that the kids survived. Now the Rottweiler with the lambs never part!
A similar story happened in the state reserve of Maine. A young wolf had a daughter, whom she somehow refused. Volcheonka was taken care of by the benevolent Rottweiler Ulrik. The dog with the young wolf also became inseparable friends.
But the most unusual case happened in England. Lactating Rottweiler Sasha adopted a little pig. He perfectly joined the family of seven puppies. Moreover, the dog felt that the baby was weak, so she fed him more often than her children.

Who is guilty?


Some cynologists say that dogs are not born bad: they learn cruelty from people. Therefore, choose your breed according to its possibilities.

Contents four-legged friend with ambiguousBiography and complex character is a big responsibility. Rottweiler must be trained under the guidance of an experienced cynologist. Puppies of the breed are harmless and lovely, but it is at this age that it is important to begin education. You will have to devote yourself to the pet and focus on its socialization.

Not everyone can cope with such a burden. But if you do it, you can not leave it halfway. The lack of discipline in a dog can cost you and your loved ones health and even life! And with good education, the Rottweiler will turn into a loyal defender with a cheerful disposition, developed intellect and accommodating character.

Hastens to the rescue
Once in a small town in WisconsinThere was a terrible fire, it happened at night in a dilapidated house where a mother with two young children lived. The old wiring was shorted out - and the fire began to quickly creep through the rooms. At this point, Rottweiler Bruce asked. He took the children to the street one by one, and then woke them up and led their mother out of the burning house.
Another Rottweiler-rescuer appeared in Saratov. The erratic mother went for a walk with a baby in a wheelchair and her huge pet. On the way she met her friends. Women were so carried away by talk that they completely forgot about the baby. They only realized a few hours later. Fortunately, the carriage still stood in the courtyard. And I lost the faithful dog.
The third story of salvation occurred onAnimal farm in Colorado. Young Mercedes Betke decided to ride her horse. During the walk the animal took a run. The girl fell off the horse, and she stepped on her head.
There were no adults nearby, but nearbyFaithful Rottweiler Buster. He led Grandpa Mercedes to the place of the tragedy. The girl quickly had a complicated operation, and she went on to recover. Doctors said that even a few minutes of delay could cost Mercedes life.

Price of Rottweiler puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of a dog depends on several factors: the availability of a pedigree, titled parents, exhibition perspectives of a pet, etc.
In this regard, the range of prices for rottweiler puppies is quite wide 10,000 before 30 000 rubles and higher.

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