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Rhodesian Ridgeback: Breed description, characteristics, price, photo

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback - unique ✅ and rare ✅ breed of huntingDogs, bred in the 19th century in South Africa. This is the only South African representative to receive the official recognition of the International Cynological Association. If you want to get a handsome, energetic and independent friend in a dog's guise, it's worth choosing this breed. To begin with, it is necessary to find out all about the nuances and peculiarities of the content of Rhodesian ridgebacks, and the possible difficulties that will be encountered in keeping and educating the pet.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

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History of origin

The name of the breed is Rhodesian RidgebackPoints to its historical homeland. Rhodesia was once an English colony in South Africa. A new hunting breed was brought out by crossing the local comb dogs with four-legged representatives of the canine tribe brought to the colony by the first English settlers - the Boers.

Local Aborigines needed a breed,Combining the boldness of a hunter with perfect protective qualities. The dog should not only protect the dwelling from uninvited guests and predatory animals, but also be distinguished by courage, endurance and the ability to easily tolerate the African climate with its sharp temperature changes. In addition to guarding qualities, the new breed had to possess a brave and loyal heart, not to retreat before large predators and to take an active part in hunting.

The new breed fully enjoyed allNecessary qualities and performed not only the role of home guard, but also participated in hunting for lions and other large predators. For which it received its second name - the African lion's hound.

Today Ridgeback is most often a pet. Although many owners do not forget about its true purpose and take the dog on the hunt. Ridgebacks have a beautiful vision and a sense of smell and are able to take a trace, both on earth and by air. In New Zealand and Australia, dogs are used to hunt wild boars, and in Tasmania they are hunted by kangaroos. In addition, the representatives of this breed are hardy, athletic and perfectly show themselves in a variety of canine sports and races.

Despite its African origin,Ridgebacks are well tolerated by climate change. Thanks to this feature, they spread throughout the world and won great popularity and recognition. There are legends about their guarding and hunting abilities, not without reason the second name of the breed is the lion hound. In Africa, dogs take the most active part in the hunting for lions. They hunt down a large predator and hold it in place until the hunters arrive, informing people of their barking. At the same time, the dog deftly and quickly dodges attacks of a predator, exhausting it, and not letting go.

This feature of the breed enterprising natives are widely used in various entertainment shows, introducing tourists to demonstration performances called "Catch the lion."

Description of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed

Dogs of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed causeA huge interest, both in professional breeders, and in ordinary dog ​​breeders - lovers. Ridgbeck is remarkably beautiful and harmoniously combines amazing grace and power, crushing strength and intellect, ideal proportions, excellent learning ability and devotion. The dog impresses with its explosive energy, dexterity, relief muscles, tremendous reaction and excellent flair.

Representatives of this breed are distinctiveColor, indicating that initially they were typical representatives of the African savannah. A short thick coat, from light wheaten to bright red, makes the dog unusually bright and beautiful. On the muzzle of the animal may be a dark mask, and on the chest - a white spot. Dark color of ears is allowed. The color of the dog's eyes, as well as the color of the nose, correspond to the color of the coat. With a brown nose, the eyes are amber, with dark lining black. An original and unforgettable feature of the breed is the ridge - a strip of wool on the back, growing in the opposite direction.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks - harmonious, active and muscularDogs that combine endurance, strength and intelligence. The dog is self-confident, does not show aggression towards strangers, but does not show timidity. In the event of a threat, the owner is capable of a tough and fearless reaction. Representatives of this breed will be excellent companions for a strong-willed person, able to manage their independent and proud character. Thanks to the cleanliness and short coat, the animal is suitable for keeping at home, but a truly powerful and energetic dog will be happy only at will, among the vast plains and forests.

This breed requires a high physical load. Pets need mandatory walks several times a day for a distance of at least 3 km and the ability to run freely.

Dogs have a strong will and independentCharacter, and yet they are very stubborn. Therefore, the owners of puppies are recommended to start training as early as possible in order to subordinate them to themselves and establish themselves as owners. Training is successful if the instructor is firm and consistent. Dogs are very sensitive to injustice, undeserved punishment usually does not give results, and methods of encouragement during training work very well.

The character of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppies of the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback is a determined dogStrong, active, intelligent and independent. She perfectly copes with the protection of the house and has the instinct of the defender. At the same time this breed does not suit all amateur dog breeders. The dog needs a strong and powerful master, capable of giving the pet enough time for his training and upbringing.

If a powerful and stubborn Ridgeback gets into the handsAn unsuitable owner, he can take the dominant role in the family and dictate his terms to the master. To the timid and soft people who are inclined to allow their pets to play innocent pranks and allow them to do whatever they want, they do not recommend starting a dog of this breed. Ridgeback should be strictly instructed to obey the master and to stop manifestations of aggression and demonstration of manifestations of the "leader of the pack".

Rhodesian Ridgeback

In the character and temperament Ridgeback experiencedOwners note such positive qualities as nobility, self-esteem and intelligence. The dog is able to make independent decisions in difficult situations and has pronounced protective qualities. In everyday life Ridgeback is not aggressive towards strangers, it is exclusively loyal and attached to its owner. If the owner is not threatened, the dog can be indifferent and indifferent to what is happening around. The representatives of this breed have a wonderful intellect, they all understand and are distinguished by a balanced character. Despite the fact that dogs have an impressive and loud voice, they are rather silent and bark only as a warning.

At the same time, the African hound has a sensitive psyche, they are characterized by resentment and stubbornness, they perfectly feel and understand the mood of the owner.

In a home setting, this is a calm, lazy andObedient dog. She is very attached to the owner, loves children and shows tenderness and tenderness towards them. Ridgebacks get along well with other domestic pets and tolerate even cats, especially if they were brought up with them in the same house. But at large they can be aggressive towards other animals, they like to get involved in fights with other dogs and do not spare street cats.

Ridgeback is easy to train and learnMost teams from the first time. At the same time, it is almost impossible to force him to do something by force, and physical punishment will only spur the spirit of stubbornness in the pet. Only caress, patience and love will help to find mutual understanding and achieve the desired results.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks live from 10 to 12 years old, they remain in perfect physical condition until old age and are always ready to make a company to their master during long walks.

In Russia this strong and deft dog acceptsActive participation as a companion for hunting. He has an excellent upper and lower flair, it's good on the trail. Hunters go with the Ridgebacks to the wild boar, the hare, the moose, the boron and field game. Moreover, bitches are the most skillful and agile hunters, while males are more suitable as guards and bodyguards.

Main characteristics and breed standard

Rhodesian Ridgeback

According to the breed standard approved in 1924, the Rhodesian Ridgeback should have the following qualities:

Standard growth Males of this breed - from 63 to 69 cm, bitches - from 60 to 66 cm.

The weight Males - up to 36.5 kg, bitches - up to 32 kg.

Head Should be of sufficient length, proportional to the size of the body, with a flat, wide skull between the ears.

Muzzle Well fashioned, long and deep, with goodA pronounced transition to the forehead and powerful jaws with a scissor bite. Teeth large and strong, lips closely fitting, dry. Eyes rounded, moderately and widely planted. The nose is usually black or brown, the eyes are dark brown or amber.

Ears Hanging, pinned to the head and planted high enough. They have an average size and, with a wide base, gradually narrow to rounded ends.

Chest Not very wide, but deep, lowered to the elbow joint. When viewed from the side, a well-developed sternum arm is clearly visible. The ribs are moderately arched, the thorax is not barrel-shaped.

Back Strong. Loin slightly convex, muscular and sturdy. Legs are straight, muscular, with small compact paws and strong bones. On the feet of the fingers are collected in a ball, dense and elastic pads have a round shape. The tail is not docked, tapering towards the end and has a slight bend upward.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Wool aboutChen is thick, short and tightly fitting. It is constantly lubricated with a fatty enzyme, which makes it seem very shiny. Color monophonic, suit - from light wheaten to reddish-red color. On the chest and tips of the paws are possible white marks, on the muzzle a dark mask is allowed. The color of the ears can also be dark.

Ridge (Comb) is a characteristic feature,Peculiar only to this breed. The comb on the back should be clearly defined and have a conical shape. It should begin immediately behind the shoulders of the dog and be symmetrical. The beginning of the ridge looks like a wool growing in two different directions, it contains two identical curls, in the shape of a crown. It starts at the shoulder blades and continues along the line of the spine to the hips. Acceptable forms of the ridge are defined by clear requirements. The main criteria for compliance with the standard is the drawing on both sides of the ridge and the symmetry of the location on the back.

Rhodesian ridgeback is prestigious and enoughRare breed. She is very beautiful and looks unusual and expensive. Not every dog ​​breeder can afford its content. That is why many show business stars, famous artists and politicians have a four-legged friend of this breed. Among them, the founder of the magazine "Penthouse" Bob Guccione and Russian singer Alexander Malinin.

Care and maintenance features

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback is perfect forContent in an apartment or in a country house. This is one of the most convenient for the housing content of rocks. Adult dogs require minimal care, they are very neat and clean. Ridgebacks are short-haired breed, their dense and thick wool without undercoat has no smell. It is enough to comb the dog once a month with a special brush made of natural bristles. This breed rotates twice a year. In this period of dogs it is better to comb out on the street with a special rubber glove.

Ridgeback practically does not need washing, doThis procedure as necessary, if the animal is too dirty on the street. During washing, you can add a small amount of conditioner or gloss and the dog's fur will become smooth and radiant. In summer Ridgeback can bathe in water, as long as it likes, the wool on it dries very quickly. In addition to washing and combing, a set of standard procedures for pet care include regular cleaning of teeth and ears and clipping of claws.

When the content in the apartment is the main conditionIs the maintenance of the dog in good physical shape, which requires long daily walks. This will provide the pet with great health and excellent health. This breed is not enough five-minute walking, the owners of the animal should be ready for mobile games in the fresh air, regular trips to nature and long-term joint marathons. Ridgebacks are able to travel very long distances, they are excellent tireless runners. Dogs are very hardy, since they were bred specially for hunting and running. At the same time, they are so active and strong that it will not be easy for children and elderly people to cope with an animal during a walk.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

For dogs of this breed, it is very important to haveEnough space for you to be able to run and play plenty. It can be a courtyard of a private cottage or a park next to the house. Ridgeback can not live in an aviary on the street, and the reason is not only in his short coat, which does not protect against cold. Psychological dependence on the host plays a big role. Due to its intelligence, the dog should always be near the owner and take an active part in the life of the family.

An important aspect of maintaining health and physicalForm is proper nutrition. Ridgeback can be fed with both natural and industrial (dry) food. Both options give good results and have a right to exist.

It should be borne in mind that with a natural dietIt is difficult to balance its composition so that the body of a rapidly developing puppy receives the necessary amount of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). In addition, the owners have to spend a lot of time preparing natural food.

Therefore, an excellent alternative to natural foodBecome dry food. They are well balanced in composition and are matched for dogs of different ages. With the same success can be used ready-made canned food, they well diversify the daily diet. Of course, all feed should be of good quality and properly selected in accordance with the dog's preferences and age. Ridgeback is a large breed, it will take a lot of food, and it is desirable to have a premium class.

Training and education of Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgeback is a talented, easily trained dog, withGood intelligence. It has many positive qualities (hunting, guard, guard, sports). This breed needs a solid and well-balanced master, able to become a "pack leader" for his pet. The dog must firmly grasp who is the main in the house. The owner must be a confident and experienced dog breeder, able to devote much time for education, communication and training of the dog. Ridgebacks need daily communication, they can not stay alone for long, otherwise pets feel abandoned and show signs of destructive behavior.

With pets, ridgebacks get along well, other cats and dogs living in the house become their friends. But the imperious nature of the breed is manifested in aggression against street animals.

Dogs have a strong will, they are independent andStubborn, can make independent decisions. Therefore, the training of puppies should be started as early as possible, while still quite easy to handle. It should be remembered that dogs are very sensitive to methods of influence. Penalties usually do not allow to achieve a good result, whereas the method of encouraging delicacy and weasel work much better.

During dog training, a largePerseverance and patience. Gross pressure should not be, to force a dog to execute a command is very difficult, the pet must himself want it. Ridgebacks are trained very quickly and differ in training by a wide range of abilities and abilities.

Ridgebacks are extremely smart and smartdogs. Like most dogs, they do not like wet and rainy weather. But where the boxer or rottweiler runs straight, the African hound in the rain will run from one shelter to another, carefully avoiding puddles and jumping over the dirtiest places.

How to choose a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Before choosing your puppy for this oneBreed, you need to think about whether you can provide decent content to this temperamental and athletic animal. The dog will need to pay enough attention and time and provide proper training and sufficient physical activity. If the choice on the family council fell on the Ridgeback puppy, you should think about where to find the best representative of this breed. It is better to start your search in specialized clubs dealing with breeding Rhodesian ridgebacks and at dog shows. At exhibitions it is most convenient to talk with breeders, get acquainted with animals and determine your preferences.

An important criterion in choosing a puppy is his pedigree. You should get all the information about his parents and evaluate not only their exterior, but also mental and physical health.

Puppy Ridgeback is best to buy at the age of1,5 - 3 months, at this time they have the most harmonious appearance. They should have strong, strong, but not heavy skeleton, a straight posture and slightly elongated body. When choosing a pet, special attention is paid to ridge, as the main distinctive feature of the breed. It is important to understand that if the crest of the puppy has flaws, then with age they will be even more noticeable.

Another feature of the breed is thatPuppies grow unevenly, and at a more advanced age a pet can acquire less balanced proportions. When buying a puppy, special attention should be paid to his health. Ears, eyes and skin should be clean. The tummy is soft, the wool is smooth and shiny. Puppy should conduct deworming and make the necessary vaccinations. Ridgecks have good health and endurance, but sometimes the puppy has hereditary problems associated with thyroid dysfunction, elbow dysplasia or cataracts. In addition, the puppy must be checked for dermoid sinus (skin tissue defects on the neck and back).

Dogs of this breed are very sensitive to theirOwner and if he is ill, try to ease his condition and distract him from serious thoughts. This is especially important for people who occupy a high position in society and have a high level of psychological and stressful workload. It is a friendly and faithful dog that will allow you to lose negative energy in a short period of time and truly relax.

Price of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies of the Rhodesian Ridgeback from the category of so-called culling (with unsuitable color for the exhibitions, etc.) cost From 70 dollars before $ 350. Puppies that meet the standard and with all the necessary documents are offered for 600-1200 dollars.

Video about the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback

Photo of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback
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