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Russian toy terrier photo, description of the breed, nature, health

Russian toy terrier

Russian toy terrier - the smallest terrier in the world. This is a tiny room dog (on a pillow), at the moment pushed back such popular ornamental breeds as the Yorkshire terrier, the chihuahua, the pygmy pomeranian.

Size and duration of life

This is a gentle dog from the group of decorative dogs. The growth of the Russian Toy Terrier ranges from 20 to 28 cm, and the weight from 1.3 to 3 kg. Can live such a dog 12 - 15 years.

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The character of the Russian Toy Terrier

Thanks to the character traits of this dogBreeds are suitable even for inexperienced breeders. They are hardy, agile and faithful, active and alive. Thanks to their sociability, they are excellent companions not only to the owner, but to all family members. With children he plays fun, for the elderly becomes a gentle and loving companion. The dog is always ready to accompany the owner and should take it everywhere with him - on his hands or in a basket. Toy-terrier is easy to carry in any kind of transport and they are allowed into hotels.

Also Russian Toy Terrier is easily friends with other dogs and pets. Toy-terriers are good at training, becoming obedient.

In general, it is balanced, calm and quiteAn easy-to-learn dog. But with small dogs it is very important to understand that this is not a toy (although "that" is translated from English as a "toy") and not the likeness of a cat, namely a dog with its needs features and instincts. If this fact is ignored, then that so-called small dog syndrome or Napoleon syndrome can develop in that terrier - it will consider itself in the main house, with all the ensuing consequences: uncontrolled barking and aggression, the requirement to serve it and satisfy all the whims.

To avoid this, it is necessary to followA number of rules for dealing with such a dog. For example, do not allow the dog to jump at people, growl and bark at their own discretion, do not allow them to constantly climb to their knees, breaking the personal space of the owner, in any case not allowed to sleep on his pillow.

The health and illness of the Russian Toy Terrier

Russian Toy Terrier is a fairly healthy breed, butBecause of their size, there are the most frequent health problems that are common to many of them. Among them: dislocated patella, cataract and other eye diseases. And, of course, the injuries that she can receive even when falling from a chair are dangerous for a small dog. The danger for the toes is also presented by very young children who do not know how to calculate the strength and coordinate movements and often inflict injuries on small dogs.

To be sure of the health of the puppy, it is not necessaryBuy it on the market - there is a great danger of getting a dog with a spoiled nervous system that will forever tremble and faint. Therefore, contact only proven breeders.


The convenience of keeping this dog is that,That it does not require constant walking and is well managed by a cat tray. Nevertheless, you must walk with him for his health, including mental health.

So, the toy-terrier, which regularly walks,Less timid, he will be happy to play with other dogs that fit him in size. It is not necessary to carry this handgun constantly in your arms, it must actively move.

Caring for a Russian Toy Terrier

Since Russian Toy Terriers areSmooth-haired and long-haired, then the care for it depends on the length of the coat. Smooth-haired dogs need to be combed once a week, and long-haired dogs - every day. This breed does not need a haircut. Also, they practically do not shed, since they do not have an undercoat.

Not depending on the type of wool to bathe that terrierBetter once a month, with cotton wool should be caulked, so that they do not get water. It is also necessary to regularly check the dog's ears for signs of infection and constantly cut off claws.

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