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American bare terrier, photo and description of the breed

American Naked Terrier

American bare terrier - young enough breed, But has already managed to gain recognition throughout the world. The ancestors of the puppies were the rat-rat dogs, but in 2004 the breed was completely separated from the others.

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American naked terrier - a former rat-catcher, the current pet

In addition to a pretty appearance and friendly nature, dogs have an undeniable advantage - they do not have wool and are excellent for families with allergies.

To the origins of the breed

The history of the modern naked terrier is closelyIntertwined with the pedigree of rat-catchers and rat-terriers. Breed The American naked terrier was bred in the British Isles and was first used in a farm to combat the under-smoking foxes and rats. For many centuries, representatives of the breed bred as helpers, not paying attention to the appearance of pets.

The naked terrier emigrated to America together withBritish families who took dogs with them to the ship. In new lands, animals enjoy an enviable popularity and are almost the only breed that can repel rodents. However, in 1930, during the industrial revolution, many farmers left their lands, which led to a sharp reduction in the number of terriers.

Modern representatives of the breed appeared during theGenetic mutation in 1972, when puppies without wool were found in the Rat Terrier litter. Kids were a complete copy of their parents except for one detail - lack of hair. The owners of the unusual puppy were presented to his friends, who were delighted with the developed intellect and good nature of the dog.

The Scott family, who sheltered the first naked terrier,Decided to start breeding such puppies. They had a lot of consultations with dog handlers and genetics, who recommended to knit a naked terrier with his father. The theory turned out to be correct and three "ordinary" puppies and several hairless ones were found in the litter.

Scott's family tried to repeat the experiment yetSeveral times, the successful of which was only the last. For naked puppies, a special nursery was created, thanks to which the breed was able to develop and distribute. In the mid-80s, the breed gained wide popularity across America, mainly in those families that are allergic to animal wool.

The breed was recognized by the organization Rare Breed in 1990. In 1999, naked terriers began to spread in Canada, in early 2000, the whole world learned about the breed.

Same, but so different

The number of naked terriers has always beenMinimal, as a result of which unusual dogs had to cross with rat terriers. As a result of this, several varieties appeared - light and medium-sized.

There is also a genetic difference between species,In the first case, the mutation is transmitted by the dominant gene. In other words, there can only be one naked pup in a litter. If several naked embryos are formed in the womb of the mother, they automatically die. In the second case, the gene is recessive, so in the case of mating two naked parents, a progeny without wool is obtained.

Features of species of the breed American bare terrier:

  • First type - puppies are born in a short fur coat,Which disappears by the age of 5 weeks. Vegetation remains only on whiskers and eyebrows. There are dogs with a light fuzz on the body. The skin of the animals is very soft, can give off sweat during physical activity and in stressful situations;
  • Second type - puppies have a slight wool cover, which is preserved during the growing of the breed. Such terriers must necessarily have a white or sable color.

Requirements for the appearance of the breed American naked terrier

American Naked Terrier

Dogs of this breed are characterized by a developedMusculature, a powerful shoulder girdle and a long neck. The average growth of the breed American naked terrier is 42 cm, the average weight - up to 5 kg. Has almost ideal proportions of body length to height. International Standard:

  1. head - has proportional dimensions in relation to the body, pronounced transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The shape of the skull resembles a blunt wedge. The muzzle is broad and rather convex;
  2. Jaws - developed buccal musculature;
  3. Lips - tightly adhere to the base, dry, correspond to the pigmentation of the nose;
  4. teeth - distributed evenly, bites are required in the form of scissors at exhibitions, however, a straight form is also acceptable;
  5. nose - has a black or brown color;
  6. eyes - planted obliquely at a considerable distance from each other, eyeballs of medium size, have a convex shape. The eyelids are pigmented in combination with the color of the nose;
  7. Ears - have a V-shape, are located on the edgesSkull. Traditionally, the breed has standing ears, but there are also representatives with hanging ears on the cartilage. In this case, the wrong shape of the ears does not cause disqualification at the competitions if the pet has not reached adulthood (1 year);
  8. neck - long, even, muscular, slightly curved. There is a smooth transition from neck to back;
  9. The forelegs are shoulders with musculature, developed equally. The vanes curl backward at an angle, the forearms are joined at right angles, the elbows close to the body;
  10. Hind legs - have equal lengths of shins and thighs, angles of hind legs are proportional to the angles of the forelegs;
  11. Housing - a strong and smooth back line, the loin has a short length, while it is rather convex and muscular. Ribs are well defined, form a deep thorax;
  12. Paws - have an oval shape, the middle fingers are somewhat larger than the others, the pads can separate from each other;
  13. tail - has a thick base, is sutured to the end. At rest, the tail of the pet is below the back, in the excited - takes the form of a saber;
  14. Color - for completely naked dogs anyA palette of skin. As a rule, such pets have a one-color color and several contrasting spots. Terriers with fluff must necessarily be of a monochromatic white color. For exhibitions do not fit bicolour animals;
  15. dynamics - a distinctive feature of the breed is lightness, which is accompanied by dexterity and strength. The movements of animals have a good amplitude of the limbs, they are natural and smooth.

American Nude Terrier Photo

Naked terrier - what character does he have?

The character of the pet completely displays the word"companion". Dogs are distinguished by a developed mind, natural curiosity, energy and activity. At the same time, the terriers are excellent in training, they try to please the owner and deserve praise. Animals are more communicative and open. From the terrier it is possible to bring up that pet, which is necessary for a specific family.

Naked Terrier is one of the hunting dogs,Than the corresponding instincts of the animal are determined. Dogs are fearless enough, will faithfully protect their home and owners. However, they will not demonstrate aggression in vain and react only in really dangerous situations.

Today, use naked terriers for hunting is notRecommended. Since the dog's skin is completely unprotected from external factors. Terriers are quite active animals and will become ideal companions for walks and jogging.

American naked terrier recognizes only oneOwner, but will serve faithfully and truthfully to all family members. Particularly weak pets feed for children. They can take kids for hours. Pets like playing games with household members, they suffer a lot of loneliness, but they do not harbor anger at the owner who left for a long time.

Sociability and friendliness of the terrier are so developed that they even get along with representatives of felines. An adult can easily take a cat into the family circle, even if not grown up together.

Naked terrier - a dog incredibly devoted. She wants to demonstrate this as often as possible, so sometimes she can be annoying with annoying attention. If you leave animals for a long time themselves, they can bark loudly.

Ideal place of active rock contentIs a country house. You can get a pet in the apartment, however pay attention to that frequent and long walks will become a necessary part of the care of the terrier.

A distinctive feature of the terrier is loyalty and courtesy to strangers. The dog will show friendliness if the owner is calm and happy to see the guests.

American Nude Terrier Photo


American bare terrier - breed enoughYoung, so there is no impressive data on genetic or viral diseases that can threaten the dog. It is known that the mutation of the pet is safe, it does not cause anomalies and malformations in development. In addition, the terriers are also long-livers, the average life expectancy is 15 years.

The weak point of animals is their unprotectedSkin that can suffer from sun and frost. In the summer, it is necessary to cover the animals with a protective cream before walking. In winter it is recommended to buy warm clothes.

In addition, naked pets can be threatened by the following diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • enteritis;
  • hepatitis;
  • Adenovirus;
  • Staphylococcus.

Features of care:

  1. leather - representatives of the breed do not need grooming,Occasionally wipe their skin. Particular attention should be paid to shampoos and cosmetics for dogs. It should be performed on a natural basis, otherwise irritation and allergic reactions are possible. Bathe pet should be several times a week. Note that the pet can sweat during physical activity or in a stressful situation, so it must be wiped not only on schedule, but also as necessary;
  2. teeth - animals have a strong jaw and teeth, howeverTheir gums can often become inflamed. In the case of proper nutrition, such ailments are excluded, but in case of symptoms of inflammation it is recommended to immediately contact a veterinarian;
  3. Ears and eyes - it is necessary to wipe with a cotton swab every few weeks. Eyes in dogs can be watery, especially for puppies. Therefore, the procedure can be taken up to 1 time a week;
  4. food - owners of terriers should adhere toA diet for decorative dogs. Recommended food is boiled chicken and lamb. Like terriers and dairy products, however, with their quantity one should be careful, otherwise a pet may have an upset stomach. Give boiled eggs to the terriers should not be more than 2 times a week. Feed pets can and dry food, but in this case, you need to take care of vitamin supplements;
  5. Claws - wherever the terrier (a country house orFlat), the claws of the puppy are not fully grinded and can interfere with the dog while walking, so it is recommended to prune them with special scissors once every 3-4 months;
  6. Upbringing - the naked terrier is almost perfectThe first dog. He is ready to please the master and obediently perform tricks. However, to achieve the goal, incentive methods are needed, rudeness and cries can scare the pet. The ideal method of training a dog is the game form.

Naked terrier - what do the owners say?

American Naked Terrier

The dog is the best friend of the family in the conditionsMass of allergy prevalence. The responses of the owners of the terrier are confirmed by his good-natured character and sociability. Many families noted that the animal gets along well with children and can take them for hours. Not for nothing that a terrier is often called a nanny.

Pets are very astute. They can express the mood of the owner by their facial expressions, they take care of the households, if they are ill. The terrier can sit at the master's feet for hours at a time, without bothering him.

Many owners noted that the complexity of the contentAnd care of the dog is very exaggerated. The absence of wool does not make the terrier vulnerable. In addition, the pet is very neat, even during walks, he tries to "get around" the dirt side. In the house, he does not cause trouble, clearly following the established rules of conduct.

The American naked terrier is practically the only breed that families with allergic reactions can afford. Pet does not inferior to woolen relatives in charisma.

Photo of the breed American bare terrier

American Nude Terrier Photo American Nude Terrier Photo American Nude Terrier Photo Amerikanskiy-golyy-terer-foto-2 American Naked Terrier American Naked Terrier American Naked Terrier
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