Some information about our close friends and favorite pets

A dog is a pet, one of the most common (along with a cat) "companion animal".

Initially, the domestic dog was singled out inA separate biological species, Linnaeus in 1758, in 1993, reclassified by the Smithsonian Institution and the American Association of Theriologists in the subspecies of the wolf.

From the zoological point of view, the dog is a placental mammal of a squad of predatory canine families.

Dogs are known for their learning abilities,Love of the game, social behavior. Special breeds of dogs designed for various purposes: hunting, protection, traction of cartage transport, etc., as well as ornamental rocks (for example, a lapdog, a poodle) have been brought out.

According to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation,Conducted in 2006 in a hundred settlements and forty-four regions of Russia among 1500 respondents, owners of domestic animals, dogs hold 41% of Russians. At the same time, the percentage of dog owners from the total number of residents is significantly dependent on the place of residence, in general, inversely proportional to the size of the settlement, from 70% in the villages to 11% - in large cities